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OC Water-Smart Parks

It started with a simple idea.

Water-Smart Gardening Tips

Discover even more ways to save water in your home garden

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In Your Home Garden

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In Your Home Garden

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In Your Home Garden

10 Tips for
Your Soil

10 Tips for
Small Space

10 Tips for
Using Water

DIY Resources

Successful gardens and landscapes in OC's semi-arid climate require a range of water and garden smart know-how. There are a variety

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6 Things to Know!

About Transforming Your Landscape

It has never been easier to transform your yard into an

easy-care, water-smart landscape that can beautify your space, help reduce your overall water consumption, and improve the local ecosystem. By following a few practical steps, you’ll be prepared to enjoy a beautiful, low-water, low-maintenance yard in no time!

6 Quick Adjustments!

For Water-Smart Outdoor Living

We naturally spend time outdoors, landscaping, gardening, entertaining, and hosing off cars and patios to keep them in good shape for summer activities. With just a few quick adjustments, you can be surrounded by a beautiful, productive garden and landscape, all while reducing your water use and saving money on your monthly bill.

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6 Things to Know!

About Pre-Spring Gardening

Planting before the soil warms up can cause problems for new sprouts, like stunted growth, wilting, and increased vulnerability to disease. With a few simple habits, you can eliminate unnecessary time, money, and work spent trying to save struggling plants and get a jump start on creating a healthy, water-smart environment for your plants to thrive.

Top 5 Tips!

For Water-Smart Spring Gardening

We live in a semi-arid area. Dry conditions are not unusual, and drought is always on the horizon. To live and thrive here, we must all do our part to be water-smart! Follow these simple tips to keep your landscape looking great while keeping your outdoor water use in check.

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Top 5 Tips!

For Winter Water-Wise Gardening

"Most home owners could reduce their landscape irrigation by 50% without changing plants or anything..." reflected UC Master Gardener and radio show host Kris Bonner. "I cut my minutes of irrigation in half...after two years, the yard didn't look much different from when it started." Check out these quick tips to create your own reduced-water oasis like Kris.

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