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Coronet Park

Westminster, CA

The award-winning Coronet Watersmart Conservation Garden is a non-profit project in celebration of the City of Westminster's achievement as a winner of the Wyland National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation!

About the Garden

The award-winning Coronet Watersmart Conservation Garden is located in the heart of Westminster, CA.

15252 Oakcliff Dr, Westminster, CA 92683


The 5,011 sq. ft. conservation garden was thoughtfully designed with the local community in mind. Curved pathways form a waterdrop shape reflecting the water-smart habits residents have long embraced, and plant signage helps visitors easily identify low-water options.



The conservation garden utilizes water-smart plants that thrive in Orange County’s semi-arid climate. In addition to needing very little water, most are naturally disease and pest-resistant, providing a healthy habitat for pollinators that also benefit surrounding neighborhood gardens.




As a community gathering space that encourages good water stewardship, the conservation garden incorporates smart irrigation, permeable pathways, shade structures, bench seating, a stormwater swale and rock garden to reduce runoff and filter rainwater, and local artwork.

Explore the Garden

Discover the beauty and benefits of the award-winning Coronet Watersmart Conservation Garden!

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Additional Resources

An Orange County lifestyle includes using water wisely every day. 

Man cutting drip irrigation


Save water, time, and money!

Take advantage of rebates on water-saving programs and smart irrigation devices to transform your landscape too! Every drop of water saved today is an investment in a more sustainable future, from turf removal and drip irrigation to smart sprinkler timers, rain barrels, sprinkler nozzles and more.

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More to Explore

Westminster Conservation Gardens

Did you know? The City of Westminster has two other conservation gardens that include nearly 20 species of water-smart plants supplied by nurseries. The gardens also include hardscape materials that offer a beautiful alternative to turf, and educational resources to help inspire your water-smart garden at home!

Westminster Conservation Garden_1.jpeg
Mother daughter gardening together


Discover practical tips, plant lists, and inspiration for designing, installing, and maintaining your low-water garden. With just a few simple changes, you can enjoy your beautiful water-smart landscape and save money on your monthly bill.


Water Conservation

The City of Westminster has free resources to help support your water-smart lifestyle, including a complementary water use audit for inside and outside your home, helpful water saving tips, and more!

Local Art Installation

The award-winning Coronet Watersmart Conservation Garden includes a rotating art installation featuring local art from across Orange County.



Stay up to date with the latest on the award-winning Coronet Watersmart Conservation Garden including news releases, newspaper and magazine articles, electronic media, special events, and more!


Continued Savings

Wyland National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation

Every April, the Wyland Foundation (WYFO) presents a national campaign encouraging friendly competition between cities throughout the U.S. to earn the title of most water-efficient community in the NATION! The Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) and WYFO partner to award the city with the most pledges in MWDOC’s service area a FREE visit from the newly revamped Wyland Clean Water Mobile Learning Experience.

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Wyland Foundation's
My Volunteer Water Project

A FREE national program that inspires residents of all ages to complete home-, workplace-, and community-based projects and simple activities to reduce our water use, leave a positive impact on the environment, and contribute to a healthy, sustainable future. Participants can join an existing team, create a new one, or join the Community Team to help accrue bonus points for their city in the Wyland National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation.

Park Partners

Thank you to our partners who helped make this community space possible!

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